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Tutorial for a jack-o-lantern window garland...

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  1. I just received your "Making Peg Dolls" book and absolutely love it. I can hardly wait to start working on them. One question -- do you also have a pattern or source for the camel and sheep in the nativity scene.

  2. I'm so glad you like the book! As for the camel, sheep & donkey patterns from the Nativity... I had hoped to include them in the book, however the book ended up twice as long as anticipated and so there simply wasn't time or space. I have hope that those patterns will eventually find a space for publication somewhere. If (or when) that happens I will definitely let everyone know via blog & facebook. Please stay in touch!

    Best wishes,

  3. I've just received your Making Peg Dolls and I'm looking forward to doing a small workshop with kids (and maybe adults, as well) at my branch library in Berkeley. Do you have any recommendations for working with small groups of children (ages 8+) many of whom may not know how to do even the most simple sewing? I am beyond thrilled with the book, and can't wait to get started. (I did make one teeny weeny gnome last night.) Thank you, Nora

    1. Hi Nora -- Please send me an email so I can email you back (you can find my email link on the sidebar of this blog). I have lots of ideas for workshops, working with beginners, etc...


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