A Coffee Cup Cosy

I had been intending to make one of these for a long time... 

I usually drink coffee at home; however, I find myself, every week or two, at my local coffee vendor, picking up a pound of coffee.  They always offer me a free drink, and who am I to turn down a cup of something warm, aromatic and caffeinated?  I always compost or recycle the paper cups, however, there is the added issue of whether to use the optional cardboard coffee sleeve.  I don't like burning my fingers on a hot cup, but neither do I like creating an extra piece of waste... Hence, my long unfulfilled intention.

So, last week, I got out some size 3 knitting needles and a ball of pretty pink & beige, hand-spun which I picked up here several years ago.  Then I made 2 more coffee cup sleeves as gifts for my brother (he lives in Seattle, which is coffee-house mecca, as far as I'm concerned.)  The ones I knit for my brother were made from Malabrigo Worsted Merino (Black Forest) and Manos Del Uruguay, Wool Classica (Coffee) on size 7 needles.
 My pattern was very basic -- for the thicker yarns, I cast 42 stitches on my size 7 needles, went back and forth in a k2, p2 ribbing, bound off and sewed up the seam with a mattress stitch.  Done.  It could also be knit in the round on a set of double-pointeds, but I didn't feel like it. For more ideas you can head over to Ravelry and do a search for "coffee cup cozy" or "coffee cup sleeve."  You will find endless ideas and free patterns...

These work well, too if you like to drink your coffee from a pint-jar...

And it's always nice to have a second one lying around in case a friend drops by for tea...


  1. Your sleeves/cozies turned out lovely! I'm much too lazy to knit a ribbed one. How sad is that? Right now I'm using one of my mason jar cozy failures (that I had to felt to make fit) and a lopped off longie leg (that I also felted) for my coffee and water jars. I have to say that yours are much more attractive. (:

    Also - free coffee with bean purchase? How lucky are you?! :P

  2. I can't stop smiling at the sweetness of these handmade goodies. So special! X

  3. So sweet! I love them. I may have to give them a try after I finish my knitting for my knitted farm swap.

  4. These are clever AND darling. I just love all of your creations. Lovely stuff, Bloom!

  5. i would love one of these for a mason jar. so cool. i do not knit - maybe i could sew up a bit of an old sweater....

    1. Yes, I that would work very well! You could use the sleeve of an old sweater -- felt the sweater by washing it in warm soapy water (and maybe a few minutes in the tumble dryer) then cut off a bit of sleeve... Viola! Coffee cup cosy! I wanted to make one this way but didn't have an old sweater I was ready to sacrafice.

  6. Very nice... being lazy, I'd use the sleeve of a thrifted sweater LOL

  7. I can't knit, but might try crochet something similar...though I've just read the sweater option above and love that too, thanks!


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