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My new book, Making Peg Dolls & More, is set to be released December 1st, 2014. The premise behind the new book is this:  I wanted to bring peg dolls off the shelf and out of the doll house to spin, fly and travel about in the larger world.   Between the covers of the book there are patterns for dolls to sit on your pincushion & help mind your stitches, dolls flying through the air on dragons and bright winged birds, dolls to accompany children through the day as they face the world and through the night as they dream on their pillows, plus many more lovely projects.  You can see some of them in the animated book trailer below.

The book also includes a beautiful foreword by Sharifa Oppenheimer, author of Heaven on Earth, plus an inspiring preface by Steffi Stern, author of an upcoming book on felting from Hawthorn Press.

Making Peg Dolls & More is available for pre-order from Book Depository, UK.  The release date in the UK will be earlier than the worldwide release; this means that, even if you live outside the UK, you can get the book in December, and Book Depository offers free shipping worldwide.  The book is also currently available from The Bookstore at Rudolf Steiner College and for pre-order via Amazon.


Making Peg Dolls & More is a follow up to my first book from Hawthorn Press: Making Peg Dolls.  It's 192 pages of peg doll love, with patterns for over 60 different doll designs and clear step by step instructions. The book can be ordered from The Book Depository, Bookstore at Rudolf Steiner College, Steiner Books, Waldorf BooksBooktopia, Amazon, or your favorite local book seller. The book is also carried by retailers who specialize in Waldorf Education and natural craft supplies such as Bella Luna Toys and A Child's Dream Come True.

Here's an animated trailer for the book.  It was fun to make & and we hope you will like it, too.


  1. So excited to start making peg dolls, your book looks amazing! Im in love! i have a passion for craft and trying to see what im best at, would love to start a little buisness so if it went anywhere i could give profits to charity! (to much passion and imagination completely out of reach!)

  2. I ordered your book as soon as I could in Holland! Today it received it and ... it made my day! Thank you for sharing your lovely peg dolls with us! I can't wait to try and make them myself. I am a teacher and I would love to use them in my class! Cheers, Barbara

  3. Ach - it's OUT! And it looks lovely. Clever girl. Shiny pictures make even the most charming of ideas look even more exciting. Proud of you. Well done.

  4. I just found your book today! LOVE! Going for a walk tomorrow to see if I can find acorn tops, we used to call them bird hats. What a lovely book and can't wait to put it to use!

  5. Yay! This is so exciting! Can't wait to get my copy!

  6. Loved the book and I'm lucky. This is one that I made, I didn't take a picture of the knight yet, but kids have been playing with all of them for a while https://flic.kr/p/pQps2i


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