Pirate Supplies

Did you know that San Francisco has it's very own Pirate Supply store?  Really!  You can buy mermaid bait, a bottle of Scurvy-Begone, a treasure chest, a hook (in case you're missing a hand) or even a glass eyeball (in case you're missing an eye due to shoddy swordsmanship or foul play.) 

The store is part of 826 Valencia, founded by the writer Dave Eggers, and benefits free writing & tutoring programs for children ages 6-18 at 826 Valencia and schools all over San Francisco. To learn more about the programs, you can have a look here.

In case you're in need of some Scurvy-Begone (or a glass eyeball) but cannot make it to San Francisco any time soon, they do have an online store (modern pirates, these ones are...)  Even if you don't need any Scurvy-Begone, the online store is a fun place to browse...

Arrrrh, Matey!


  1. Okay. See, that is just awesome. Clearly there are way too many good reasons to visit the west coast. (:

  2. As if I needed another reason to visit San Francisco again. Please ask them to set aside a bottle or two of mermaid bait. Just don't tell Alyce.

  3. I love how they claim to be San Francisco's only *independent* pirate store. You know, to distinguish themselves from all the big-chain pirate stores out there. Must get to the Mission District someday soon...

  4. aye..those hooks look truly authentic! what a fun place to visit...thanks for hooking us all up. xx

  5. How funny you should blog about this my partner was telling me about this last week after watching a TED talk by David. Love the diversions!

  6. This is awesome!
    I know of one family that will love this - their son is the only person I know that can use the phrase "shiver me timbers" in everyday conversation!


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