The other day my Wee Bloom and I were looking at pictures in the book Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow.  My little fellow pointed to the round, red toadstool hats worn by the children in the book, then patted the hat on my head, patted his own noggin and solemnly intoned, "Hat." He looked at me with anticipation when I asked him whether he would like to have a red hat, too, so we went upstairs to conduct a search.  Perfect... here is one I knit up for his brother 4 years ago.

 He also tried this hat (originally knit for his brother while I was pregnant.)  I'm afraid, however, that Wee Bloom was not a fan.

 He found this hat... tolerable...

 This one was clearly the favorite!


  1. what is it about a baby in a hat? adorable xx

  2. So adorable!!! Such a sunny little boy! Love his smile!

  3. All it needs now Mom is a few white felt spots or white buttons to make it a mushroon hat. Adorable little stalk beneath.

  4. Sweet hats, sweet head! Darling!

  5. Such a cutie! He's growing so fast x


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