Fairy Garden Contest 2012 at Magic Onions

 Last year Donni of Magic Onions hosted a Fairy Garden Contest. My older son & I decided to participate and we created a garden...

We planted our little fairy garden in a terracotta pot beneath some smaller pots of herbs...

This year, my Wee Bloom helped me refurbish our fairy garden...

 He was as helpful as only a 22 month old toddler can be!

You may notice that our welcome sign and flag banners from last year have been replaced by beaded lanterns. A small turtle & tiny bluebird have taken up residence; they seem happy in the garden & I hope the fairies will be happy with the renovations, too...


  1. Very pretty! So much fun to have them participate.


  2. What a wonderful garden, saw your post on The Magic Onions.

  3. Such an imaginative and beautiful design.

  4. So beautiful! : ) Thank you for sharing! We missed the contest last year—we are so excited to join in the fun this year. Thanks!

    1. You are so welcome. I will look for your link on the Magic Onions Fairy Garden page -- I'd love to see your garden!

  5. I was just telling my girls that it would be fun to plant some flowers that look lantern-y so that our garden could be more fairy-friendly. I love your fairy garden!

  6. I, too, love your lanterns! Great garden!


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