Mother's Day

To you who were brought to birth by your mother, to you who have been loved by your mother...

And to those of you who are mothers, too...

Happy (slightly belated) Mother's Day...

I spent the best part of my weekend preventing my younger (born under the water-sign of the crab) from fearlessly flinging himself into the sea, and watching my older (born under a sign of air) run wild with the wind.

How did you spend your weekend?  Wherever you were, whatever you did, I hope it was wonderful.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I hope you will come share at our Happy Family Times Link Party. We are trying to inspire more quality family times with it!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, dear Peg!

  3. We took the Elf to the beach when he was about the age of your Wee Bloom. He wouldn't let us put him down. He touch the sand with his feet once, howled, and refused to try it again. Fire-sign kids are.. special. (:

  4. Happy Mother's day, Bloom! I love these pictures, and your reflection on your two beautiful boys!

  5. such gorgeous photos!! my son, born squarely in the Earth sign, is showing a true love for outdoors, taking his first steps to bang on the back door to let him "out" :) he is happiest visiting his neighborhood in the Ergo, eating dirt and watching the trees sway. how wonderful to notice these things - thanks for prompting me to make the connection.

    happy belated mother's day!


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