Ribbon Rings

This is one of those craft projects which has great payoff;  not only are these ribbon rings easy to put together, they are fun to play with and inspire physical activity (perfect for a rainy day or any other moment when cabin-fever sets in...)

My boys enjoy play silks well enough, but when it comes to interpretive movement and dance, channeling Isadora Duncan is not their "thing."  However, when I put on music and hand them ribbon rings, much dancing, swirling and twirling ensues!

To make these, I used 3 inch wide wooden rings (found by searching craft supplies on etsy) and 18 feet of ribbon per ring.  To put them together, I cut each ribbon into 6 ft. lengths, looped each length of ribbon in half through a wooden ring and tied a knot.  Done.  Put on some music... it's time to run, dance and play...

 But it's not easy...

 To catch photos...

Of a toddler in motion!


  1. I have a drawer full of unused curtain rings ... now I know what to do with them! Kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner as my friend made one for Gaia once ... she took it everywhere - specially on the bike as she loved seeing the ribbons wave in the breeze as we rode. thanks for sharing the idea! X

  2. My boys love these, too. We got a set of two in a waldorf swap thing on a yahoo group years ago. As the ribbons fray we cut them shorter. They're down to one ring (the other split when it crashed to the tile floor in the kitchen) with six inch ribbons. It's.. somewhere.. I'm sure. (:

  3. These are adorable! I am going to bookmark this for sure~ perfect gift idea!

  4. Beautiful. I will try to remember this next time I spy some wooden rings. I love those colors.

  5. I can't wait to make these. I can just imagine all that blonde hair of theirs mixing with the ribbons in all the twirling that will happen once they get their hands on these.


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