Ashes and Snow

from Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert
Gregory Colbert's website for his exhibit Ashes and Snow is extraordinary.  

from Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert
I hope you'll take my word for it and pay a visit... 

by Jen of Sewn Natural
P.S.  Sign-ups for the brooch swap are still open.  You can find more information about the swap here.


  1. Those are just.. stunning. I'm at an absolute loss for the words to describe how beautiful those images are. Thanks for sharing the website!

  2. his work is tremendous. i saw it about 6 years ago live in New York City - huge huge works of art hanging from the installation - it was awe inspiring. i bought the book and we look at it all the time.

    if you can ever see his work live, I really recommend it.


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