More Brooch Swap Inspiration

Just in case you missed the announcement on Monday, Jen (of Sewn Natural) and I are co-hosting a brooch swap.

Brooch and photo by Mimi and Lucy
If you would you like to join the swap, you can find details here!  Just for fun, Jen created the two photo collages you will find below for more lovely brooch swap inspiration...

1) brooch three by if only i had chocolate 2) snowy owl brooch by lupin 3) bird brooch by Elsita 4) fox brooch by ink caravan 5) feather brooch by scientific culture 6) starry night by oksaniko 7) crochet flowers by Annie Design 8) ahoy by Zoe Larkins 9) green roof house by andODesign

1) cameo by biribis 2) maraeas brooch 3) feather brooch by Emily Cater 4) tiny houses by lilipopo 5) flower brooches by Ana Hagopian 6) pink crochet brooch 7) pink heart by beedeebabee 8) acorn bar brooch by seven fingers

Brooch and photo by Mibbi Design

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