Happy Halloween

 Carving pumpkins...

 A cute little pumpkin...


note: These photos were taken via Instagram. I spent the afternoon experimenting with it and am completely mystified. I cannot seem to get it to do what I want it to do, and am also having trouble posting photos where I want to post them (though as you can see, I did eventually manage to post them here.)  I think this just might be the first and last of Instagram you will ever see at we bloom here!


  1. it looks like you know what you're doing :) Cute little pumpkin with the O mouth. Happy, Happy

  2. I luv punkins. I put up about 400 scary pictures in honor of the season on my endless blog. Now, I'm wondering if I remembered to put up the jack'o'lanterns glowing in the night. Not as sweet as yours, but - you know what a wild life we lead.


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