"Can anything harm us, mother, after the night-lights are lit?" "Nothing, precious," she said; "They are the eyes a mother leaves behind her to guard her children." -- J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

I'm still dreaming Peter Pan dreams. We've been reading this book series and saw this show a few weeks ago. And so I'm dreaming of Peter Pan...

The telling of the story of Peter Pan, by tradition, starts in the bedroom of the 3 Darling children. In the performance a few weeks ago there were 4 night-lights set around the edges of the stage.

The night-lights were simple houses -- they looked like they were made of unadorned cardboard. I asked Little Mr. B. if he would like me to make one for him. Of course he said, "Yes..."

I rummaged around on-line for a pattern and found this one (which I adapted to fit some scraps of recycled cardboard.)

The vellum paper in the windows is optional, but I think it looks beautiful (it glows softly when lit.) Also, a base (with trap-door for the battery-operated candle) is optional. The base, however, adds stability to the little structure.

Good night... Sleep tight...

Sweet dreams to you...


  1. That is so cute... I bet you can spend days decorating it the way he wants to.. maybe even have a different home each day.. one for rainy days,one for sunny and one to scare of the monsters underneath the bed...


  2. Ah! That would be something... a special nightlight to scare off the monsters beneath the bed!

  3. Found you through One Pretty Thing. I LOVE this! I know my girls are going to love making and decorating these for their rooms. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Hi Amy -- So glad you liked the project (there are so many lovely ones posted just at this moment over at One Pretty Thing!) If you snoop around my blog a bit, I have a few other projects you might like, too...

    Thanks for visiting!
    Margaret B.

  5. Hi Wendy -- Nice to hear from you... When do you head out of town? Will you be posting while away at "camp?"


    P.S. Do you really have a recipe for me? I can't wait!

  6. You are always creating something wonderful!

    Counting down to our outing...

    Oh, and OINK!

  7. I love this house. Its mysterious and magical. Thanks for sharing

  8. You're very crafty! Cute house :)

    Visiting via Everyday Bliss's post: http://blisspot.blogspot.com/2010/06/big-gratitude-giveaway-win-baccarat.html

  9. you are very clever, very, very!

  10. Thanks Shannon -- I do love this project... In in my big boys room...



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