Here is my sewing box (and sewing box contents.) I'm not sure how long I've had this sewing box or exactly where I acquired it (an antique shop along the way...) I know I've been using it at least 17 years & I don't think I've ever cleaned it out. To make matters worse, a few years ago one of the upper compartments became detached. Whenever I went rummaging for buttons or thread, the upper box on the right would come crashing down, spilling its contents everywhere. It was a sad state of affairs. I dreaded hunting for my pin cushion. Luckily, I saved the small wooden pieces, the screws & the washers...

And today I repaired my old sewing box.


And then there have been the larger cleaning-out projects... My husband is a light sleeper, so no family bed for us. Baby will have his own room which means giving up the room we had been using as an office/creative space/guest room. However, in a 1250 sq. foot house every inch of space counts. Here you can see my craft & letter writing supplies neatly sorted into tidy white boxes (& placed on high shelves in the baby's room.) A box for stationary, envelopes & thank you notes. A box for old letters & newspaper clippings. A box for origami & scrapbook paper. A box for rubber stamps, ink pads & glitter. A box for ribbons, string, feathers, hole punches & silvery stars...

My house is almost as tidy as the little one you see above... Now, on to the disaster zone which we refer to as our garage...



  1. That sewing box is so cool!! I totally love it.

    (Your Garage and mine are clearly friends)

  2. It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for linking. That sewing box is such a beautiful piece. What a terrific find. And that house! I can't believe you got it for free. A nice wooden fixer-upper doll house has been on my list for quite some time. Can't wait till it's my turn to find one!

  3. Oh my dear...did you clean the garage? what interesting things did you find and when you put them in a neat new box what did the label say?
    (spotted that wee pin cushion bet it was quite lovely in its day)


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