Twice Blessed

Over the past week, every time I went out to the garden, I could have sworn I heard the demented squeaky-toy chirping of hungry baby birds. I glanced casually up into the trees looking for a nest, & then yesterday I noticed a little chickadee darting from the nesting box in the big oak tree. The chickadees have nested again -- our garden has been twice blessed...

Here's mama bird, off to find more food for her babies...

Meanwhile, apologies if you read the title of this post and were expecting news of baby Bloom. Officially, he still has another 2 weeks, but he could decide to make his appearance any day now.


  1. I thought you were talking about another blessing entirely, but I guess I'll have to hold on for a little longer, hmmm?

  2. Apologies for making the title of this post such a teaser! We went to visit our surrogate (and her belly) today... any time now!


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