Paris Patisseries

Today I read this book from cover to cover. Maybe it would be more accurate to say I devoured it? Really, it's left me feeling slightly unhinged.

I rushed through photos of the pastries and descriptions of Paris Patisseries. I was looking for the recipes. Finally, at the back of the book, there was a meager 7 pages. Aha! The recipes!

Now, seriously... Am I going to be making an Iced Cacao Dacquoise with Calisson Ice Cream and Shards of Extra-Bitter Chocolate any time soon? No... But I like to dream...


  1. Oh I have to track this book down! My daughter has a big class 8 project looming at her wardolf school in Hastings, NZ, and being half french and a very keen baker (and sampler!) she has decided to do it on French baking...we are all excited at the prospect! Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. You are so very welcome -- Thank you for visiting and leaving such sweet comments... I hope you can find the book. It's lovely to look at tho' the recipes are rather daunting!



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