Update: Vegetable Garden

Finally! Our small plot at the side of the house is finished and the plants are in the ground (just in time for the summer solstice.) I am fully aware that we're running a little late on this project, but here in California I figure we've still got another 3+ months to grow & harvest. We've planted a pumpkin vine, a cucumber vine, a summer squash vine, a zucchini vine, 2 tomato plants, 6 strawberry plants, 6 blue-lake bean vines plus some nasturtiums & morning glories just for fun. Now we will just water our little sprouts and watch them grow...


  1. Good for you! I planted string beans and gave up this year. Next year...

  2. Ugh... I planted my blue-lake string beans outside the chicken wire fence which surrounds the little garden. Sure enough, 2 of my string bean vines were eaten down to the stems by our local deer. If I have time tomorrow, I think I'll have to move the 4 remaining string bean vines inside the enclosure (if they don't get eaten in the wee hours of tomorrow morning!)


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