a gift

My mother's hair was straight.  Her eyes were brown. Her skin was olive.

My hair is curly.  My eyes are light green.  My skin is pale.

Because of this (and my leggy build), I always thought I favored my father's side of the family.  However, I've spent the past weeks looking through old photos, and suddenly saw what everyone else has been insisting all along;  I am nearly a mirror image of my mother.  I see her in the curve of my cheek, in the line of my chin and the bump on my nose.  I see her in the shape of my eyes and the arc of my lips.

And this is a final gift.  Every time I look in the mirror, I see my mother.

my mother


In 2011 my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  We were blessed to have her with us for 6 more years.  Now, for the past three weeks, we have been steadily caring for her and did our best to bring her to peace.

Kel Maleh Rachamim
God, full of mercy, Who dwells above, give rest on the wings of your Divine Presence, amongst the holy who shine like the sky, to the soul of my mother... O Merciful One, please shelter her forever under the wings of Thy presence.  Amen.