From Near and Far

 Thank you to everyone, near and far, for your kind birthday wishes over the weekend.

This was a year of quiet celebration -- at least, it was quiet during moments of sibling harmony. As for some of the other moments... definitely less quiet.

Among the many delights of my weekend was the knowledge, warm in my heart, that I have friends who, with their own two hands created the most beautiful & meaningful gifts for me.  Above is a photo of the very stylish scarf made by Shannon.  It's crocheted from the softest wool in one of my favorite tones (charcoal grey) and long enough for lots of swirling and twirling about my shoulders & neck!

And then there is this bit of magnificence.  I've been watching the process of it's creation over the past several weeks, and far from feeling as though the surprise has been spoiled, it has been a joy to watch the creation of this shawl/capelet.  I'm amazed (and deeply touched) by all the care and skill Melissa has put into this piece -- and would hardly be surprised if she would rather keep it for herself, it's so gorgeous!

Another trip around the sun... another happy birthday... 
Thank you, thank you, once again.



From the Stars I Did Come Down...

From the stars
I did come down
bearing my light
to light a crown
of shimmering stars
to shine on earth;
today's the day I came to birth.

Okay, so I'm not really wearing a crown of shimmering stars in this photo... It's a plastic crown my little Mr. picked out for me at Disneyland a few years ago.  And so for this reason I like it very much!



There is a little shop of used books in the foyer of my town's public library.  I have spoken of it before as a place of many treasures and much temptation.  A few weeks ago, on one of my usual jaunts to the library, this book caught my eye.  The author, Taro Yashima, is best known for his book Crow Boy, but this book, Umbrella, is a gem and a delight.

The story is about a little girl named Momo who receives red rain boots and an umbrella for her birthday.  With great anticipation she waits for a rainy day so she can use her gifts, and when it does rain, she enjoys the wonderful music of the rain on her umbrella...

Bon polo
bon polo
ponpolo ponpolo
ponpolo ponpolo
bolo bolo ponpolo
bolo bolo ponpolo
boto boto ponpolo
boto boto ponpolo
(from Umbrella by Taro Yashima)

* * *
 Is it raining on your house today?


A Little Boy, A Big Balloon

For the past week this balloon has accompanied our wee Bloom everywhere he goes... in the bath, on walks to school, and even to the grocery store...  Every day feels like a celebration, and everywhere we go, it's like having our own personal parade!



 I love slippers, don't you?
I love them so much (such sweet, homey things, especially in wintertime) that, the other day, I wrote a limerick about mine:

My slippers are wool and they're red.
When I sleep they sit next to my bed.
It really is neat, 
How they warm up my feet,
In the morning while I eat jam and bread.

And I also wrote a haiku:

Slippers soft and red
On cold wood floors in winter
My feet are quite warm

Are you ever moved to write a poem about silly, homey things (such as slippers?)  If you are, please send it to me... I'd love to read it...


Happy Valentines Day!

 Happy Valentines Day!

 Wishing you a day of delight...

 And donuts!

Or, if you prefer... cupcakes... or tiny chocolate hearts... 
Anything sweet...

Hugs and kisses are always the best!



Introducing Purple Petunia (and a Valentines Give-Away!)

Dearest all,

In December I stumbled onto the most wonderful etsy shop and simply had to share it with you.  The shop is called Purple Petunia where Valerie Frandsen Goates sells the most exquisite ceramic bowls and figures, wee fairies and wooden gnomes.  While everything in her shop is delightful, it is her "surprise bowls" which have captured my heart.  Imagine handing your child a tiny bowl containing a small, delectable snack. And beneath the snack, in the bottom of the bowl, is hiding...

 A dainty bunny... 

 A funny little hedgehog... 

or a wee little mouse!

When I asked Valerie whether she would mind if I featured her darling bowls on my blog, she generously offered as a give-away this beautiful red & white bowl with a tiny white bird hiding in the bottom.  It could be a perfect Valentines gift for a favorite child -- or keep it for yourself as a lovely place to keep safe a pair of earrings or a treasured ring.  To enter the give-away just visit Valerie's shop here  then come back and leave a comment with your favorite item from her shop (also, please be sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner.)  I will draw a winner for the give-away via random number generator in one week, Wednesday February 8th.

Additionally, through the month of February Valerie will offer a 10% discount in her etsy shop if you use the code Bloom10!

Thank you, Valerie, for your generosity and for creating magical treasures to charm the eye and delight the heart!

Congratulations to #8 "Crazy Estonian."