we had fun

This is where we've been the past few days. We had fun. Okay... serious understatement. We had A LOT of fun!


road trip

My boys and I just returned from a 2 day road-trip visiting dear friends -- so dear we would travel even to the moon to visit them. Luckily, they don't live as far away as the moon -- they live in Sebastapol (where my big boy ate the best grilled cheese sandwich. ever.)


what is dance

Christian Robinson, the illustrator of this book, this book, this book, this book (and quite a few others) will be giving a presentation at my older son's school this week. Do you think anyone would notice if I sneaked in to have a look & listen, too?

If you would like to learn more about Christian Robinson, you can visit his website The Art of Fun. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these marvelous animations he created. 


april 1st announcement

The cover of my new book!

p.s. happy april 1st...