peg doll & craft supply resources


214-A Cedar St., Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Tel:  (208) 255-1664
Wool felt, needle-felting supplies, Lyra paint palettes, colored pencils, and a full range of wooden peg doll bases (note:  A Child's Dream offers international shipping.)

Bella Luna Toys
3 Gordon Drive, Rockland, Maine 04841
Tel: (888) 438⋅1299
Wool felt, needle-felting supplies, paint, colored pencils, and a full range of wooden peg doll bases (note: Bella Luna Toys offers international shipping.)

Tel: (800) 452-2739 
Wooden peg doll bases and a vast assortment of other wooden shapes/pieces  (note:  Casey’s Wood offers international shipping.)

Woodworks, Ltd. (
4521 Anderson Blvd., Haltom City, TX 76117
Tel: (800)722-0311 or (817) 581-5230
Wooden peg doll bases and a wide assortment of other wooden shapes/pieces (note:  Woodworks, Ltd. offers international shipping.)

Wooden Pegdolls USA
Wooden peg doll bases and a vast assortment of other wooden shapes/pieces.


Old Stables, Nine Yews, Cranborne, Dorset, BH21 5PW, UK
Tel: (01725) 517085 or (01725) 517040 
Wooden peg doll bases (conical figures), wool felt, needle felting materials, paints and colored pencils. 

10a Market Street, Nailsworth, STROUD, GL6 0BX, UK
Tel: (01453) 298725
Wooden peg doll bases (and toadstools!), Lyra paint palettes, wool felt and needle felting supplies.

Tel: (01633) 400847 
Wooden peg doll bases and a variety of other wooden shapes.

Wooden peg doll bases and a variety of other wooden shapes.


Tel: (03) 5985 6797 
Wool Felt, needle-felting supplies, wooden doll bases, watercolour paints, colored pencils and natural beeswax 

9 Colman, Warranwood Vic 3134 
Tel: (03) 9879 0426 
Wooden doll bases, wool felt, needle-felting supplies, paints and coloured pencils

77 Monbulk Rd, Kallista, VIC 3791
Tel: (03) 9755 1952
Natural crafting supplies


265 Baker Street, Nelson, BC, V1L 4H4, Canada 
Tel: (250) 352-5729 
Wooden doll bases, wool felt and needle-felting supplies, paints and colored pencils, beeswax

Tel: (250) 353-2220
Wooden doll bases, wool felt and needle-felting supplies

Bear Woods Supply Co., Inc. 
Tel:(800) 565-5066
Wooden doll bases and other assorted wooden shapes/pieces.


  1. Do you know by any chance where can I buy this in Israel?

    1. Hi! This is Debbie from A Child's Dream. We're located in the United States but are happy to ship to Israel. We already have several customers there!

  2. Just wanted to add another supplier to your list. In Canada:
    The selection of wood turnings is rather enormous, but you can type in "people" or
    angel" into the search section and you'll come up with some. You often have to order in bags of 25 or more, but they are very economically priced.

  3. Thank you SO much. Exactly what I was looking for today. And an Australian shop, thank you!!! Katie x

  4. the Australian suppliers listed do not have peg doll supplies

    1. Dear friend,

      I have updated the links for Morning Star Crafts & Winterwood Toys to take you directly to the pages containing peg doll bases. Epoche doesn't list doll bases in their online shop, however, if you live near the shop, you might give them a call to find out about their stock.

      Best wishes,

  5. I found another UK supplier - they have a really good selection.

    (not affiliated - just a peg doll making british mum who is like to buy locally.)

  6. Can you recommend any brushes? I bought my daughter your "Making Peg Dolls," but I have no clue what size/brand we would need. Also, do you recommend any special watercolors? Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Ifera! I use a Lyra opaque watercolor set like this one

      As for brushes, I recently did some research regarding standardized watercolor brush sizes and here is what I've learned: I typically use a round brush, size 5 or 6 for painting the body and hair of my dolls. To paint eyes and mouths I use the tiniest brushes I can find. My favorite brush is labeled 18/0, but I think a brush labeled with the size 4/0 should be sufficient.

      The two brushes I use most often are fox and sable hair, however, for workshops with children I buy these brushes and I think they are very good (I use them myself sometimes).

      Just in case you want to have a look, here is a chart on brush sizing:

      I hope that helps and that you & your daughter have a wonderful time painting dolls. Please feel free to email or post a comment again if you have any further questions!

    2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. Is there any paints you would recommend at Michael's, I don't believe they sell Lyra watercolor? What is your opinion on acrylic paints, I've only worked with acrylic! Also, when it gets to tiny details (the face), my hand is not steady enough with brushes, what do you think about pens or markers-any recommendations? I'm really excited about starting my own collection of pegs! Thank you SO much for the inspiration and ideas you have here!! ;)

    1. I like these paints from Michael's:

      Acrylics are great for peg dolls -- I use them occasionally, and if you go on Pinterest or Etsy, you will find lots of ideas for peg dolls painted with acrylic!

      Markers work okay, however, sometimes the ink will be pulled along the grain of the wood which can create a smudged effect. I sometimes use a pencil to draw faces.

      Best wishes (and hope you have fun making your dolls),

  8. Anyone know of a place that sells peg dolls larger then 3 in?

    1. Hi Jillian -- The largest dolls I've seen are 3 1/2 inches tall, but keep asking around. I hope you manage to find larger ones!

  9. What lovely things you make ..I'm 80 soon and a retired craft tutor ....I have just downloaded your hedgehog pattern grandchildren and greats love grandmas toys ....Florence Hardman Wales UK

    1. Dear Florence,

      I hope your grandchildren and greats enjoy the hedgehogs! Thank you for saying hello...


  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! This kind of thing seemed impossible to find in Canada!!! This was the most helpful post ever!

    1. Dear Tara -- You're so very welcome! I'm glad this listing was helpful and I appreciate your feedback. Happy crafting!


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