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This is a re-post of a tutorial I created last year.  I'm re-posting it because it's been hinted to me (via several sources) that this would make a perfect holiday teacher-gift.  What better way to say "thank you for all your efforts helping to nourish the minds and spirits of my children" then to give their teachers gifts made from my children's worn-out socks?  And why stop at teacher-gifts?  These mason jar cup cozies would make a good gift for just about anyone who appreciates gifts made from worn out socks!


The perverse joys of upcycling aside, I made a resolution last New Year to stop using disposable cups when I bought take-out coffee, so I keep clean mason jars in my car and often get complements when I carry around my coffee (which I find hilarious because they are seriously plain old canning jars).  I also cannot tell you how much I love these drinking lid inserts from Cuppow.  They make me happy every time I use them (and no... I am not receiving any sort of compensation from Cuppow for endorsing their drinking lids).

Keep reading for the easiest tutorial ever...


-- A sock or two with holes worn in
    the heels and/or toes.

-- Needle and thread

-- Scissors

Step 1 ::  Cut off the top of the socks, just above the reinforced heel.


Step 2 :: If your sock does not have a thick cuff (where the fabric is doubled), turn sock inside out, roll a 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) hem and pin in place.  If your sock does have a thick cuff, turn the sock inside out, bring the edge up to meet the bottom of the cuff, and pin in place.  Use a needle and thread to stitch hem. (If you've never sewn a hem stitch, here's a link for how to do it.)

(note: sleeves from old, felted sweaters also make great drinking jar cozies; you can cut and hem in a similar fashion as explained above.)

Now to assemble the gift.  I bought a box of twelve mason jars for $10 (this works out to 83 cents per jar) and each Cuppow lid costs about $9, but you can usually find deals if you buy sets of multiple lids.

To make gift tags, we used one of these really cool rubber stamps, or you can find some beautiful & free downloadable gift tags here, here and here.

For additional easy and inexpensive DIY gift ideas, you might have a look at my other tutorials here. Another good source for last minute gift ideas on the wonderful blog Clean is this list of 101 fun, toy-free gifts for kids.  Additionally, Rachel (of the wonderful blog Clean) has written this excellent post on simplifying and enjoying traditions for the holiday season.

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