kid-made angels

This morning I was at the library with a group of nearly 70 children and their parents making peg dolls. The theme was angels, though as you can see from the peg doll pup above, each person was welcome to create whatever their heart desired.  The enthusiasm of the gathered group was exciting, and some families were so immersed that they sat at the craft tables for nearly two hours.  The results of everyone's creativity was delightful.

If you would like to make your own angel peg dolls, you can refer to this tutorial for DIY angels I recently created for the blog hello, Wonderful, or you can gather inspiration from these photos, round up a bunch of craft materials and get going! (and if you need peg dolls, there is a list of supply sources HERE.)

Note: I believe it is very important to properly credit the work of all artists; however, due to privacy issues, I don't show faces or list names of children whose work I sometimes feature on my blog.  Please know that it is not out of lack of respect when I refrain from naming each individual child-artist, but out of consideration for their privacy.


  1. Just proof that angels come in all shapes and sizes and styles. What a precious gift of love!

  2. Absolutely precious! We made paper plate angels in my after school class this year. It's on my FB page!Thanks, Peggy, for all the creativity you create and inspire.


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