The Man in the Moon

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we took little Mr. to see the film Rise of the Guardians.  Although some of the sequences were a little frenetic (to say the least), on the whole, we liked the movie very much.  I was happy to discover that the movie was based on a new series of books by William Joyce and immediately requested them from our local library.  When we opened The Man in the Moon (the first book of the series), little Mr. and I found ourselves transported by the beautiful illustrations and old-fashioned story which has the feel of a classic tale.

This book is a new favorite in our house -- we love it so much that I had to share it with you!

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  1. We loved 'The Man in the Moon' as well. William Joyce has entire planets of brilliance orbiting around in his head. I'm glad to hear the movie inspires reading! Great to hear!


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