Magical Books for Gloomy Days

It's been dark, cold and gloomy here (yes, even in California.)  What's the best thing to do on such days (and weeks)?  Read, of course.

What have we been reading? One of our favorite authors as of late has been Katherine Langrish who wrote a series starting with the book Troll Fell.  The books, set in Viking era Scandinavia, are full of magical creatures such as trolls and a Nisse (in other mythologies known as a Tomten.)  The characters in these books are fun and interesting, but the favorite in my house, is the Nisse.  I was so inspired by the moody, muttering, porridge-loving character that I created a Nisse for our own house (though surely ours won't hide in the rafters surreptitiously tossing dried beans at our heads during supper.)

Our other favorite book series, as of late, has been the one starting with The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas.  I was so entranced by these books that, after reading a chapter (or two) with my Little Mr. at bedtime, I would take the book downstairs with me and continue reading (never mind that I had to retrace my reading the next night so Little Mr. would be caught up.)

What have you been reading during these short days and long nights of winter?

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  1. loving the stop animation for your new peg book. My son will love the video as he's been making lego animations these past few days. Time to dig out the peggies from around the house and make one from those.
    Can't wait to get the book!


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