creative form drawing

After school, while I prepare something for my younger son to eat, he usually rummages for a book to read or some art supplies.  Lately his favorite activity involves crayons and the book Creative Form Drawing (Workbook 1) by Angela Lord.   In fact, he likes this book so much, it has taken up permanent residence on the kitchen table.

The book is broken down into lessons by age, with a gorgeous array of colorful drawings to illustrate the forms and principles.  Each lesson is methodically outlined by age/grade level and very clear; however, my son and I prefer to leaf through the book, choose a page of designs which appeal to us at that moment, and use the illustrations as inspirational launching points for our own kaleidoscope experiments.

While coloring books are a popular trend, the designs in this book take the user beyond mere coloring projects; with this book, my son & I feel encouraged to try our own original variations of each form. 

For our drawings, we adore the beeswax aroma of Stockmar crayons, however, our box of  regular crayons is too irresistible to leave on the shelf.  My son's favorite color is called "macaroni and cheese," while I keep coming back to the colors "tickle me pink," "dandelion," "wisteria" and "purple mountain majesty."

We might not bother to wait until he's 10 to get a copy of Workbook 2...


  1. Did you know that Crayola is retiring "Dandelion"? It makes me a little sad. That is my favorite yellow.

    1. Yes! I did hear that they are retiring dandelion and it makes me a bit sad, too. Why couldn't they have retired asparagus instead? (I like asparagus to eat, but not necessarily as a crayon color!)

  2. Oh my. That looks like a book I need for Playdate and the classroom. Thanks.

    1. If you pick up a copy, I hope you like it as much as we do!


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