bar mitzvah celebration


Hello! Hello!  My older son's bar mitzvah was last weekend and so things have been very, very busy here.  We had countless family members visiting from out of town to share in our celebration, which meant lots of events and parties.  I wasn't able to take photos Friday night, Saturday morning or Saturday night, but did manage to snag a few shots on Sunday at a picnic we hosted under the redwood trees.  You might notice that I didn't catch any photos of my older son -- he was off splashing in the creek with his friends, as was right and proper after a year of rigorous preparation and study, plus a full weekend at the synagogue! 

I will be back soon, making up for lost time and lack of blog posts...


  1. Hello,
    I don't know if we can wish a nice bar mitzvah but if it's not direspectful, it's what I hope to him.
    The place where you picnic is soothing and give us the wish to stop and see.
    oh, it's very very difficult to write English !!!
    Simply : have a good day for all of you !

  2. Dear Christine -- It's not disrespectful at all; one usually says "Congratulations," or in Hebrew, "Mazel Tov," but any good wishes are welcome!

    Thank you for your kind wishes!

  3. Clare Ross Huon and TheaJune 26, 2016 at 5:38 PM

    Mazel Tov young Samuel. Even though you are now a man, continue to enjoy life as a boy and look at the world through a child's eye with wonder. Keep the inner child and you will blossom. After all you are a Bloom. love Clare Ross Huon and Thea xxxx


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