tutorial :: craft-foam stamps

I love the look of hand-carved stamps, but was an utter failure at carving them.  So last week I tried making craft-foam stamps.  Easy and fun!!  They are perfect for children to make and use themselves, perfect for creating gift-wrap paper and perfect for giving away as gifts.  What's not to like about this craft?


-- 1 sheet of craft-foam (this stuff)

-- Wooden discs, 1 1/2 in (4 cm) diameter
    (like these

-- Wooden ball knobs (like these) or

-- Scissors, glue and an ink pad


STEP 1 :: Cut a shape from craft foam.  The shape you cut should be smaller than the diameter of your wooden disc.

STEP 2 :: Glue your foam shape to one side of the wooden disc.

STEP 3 :: Glue your knob to the other side of the wooden disc and allow the glue to dry for at least an hour or two.

STEP 4 :: Have fun using your stamp!

Note: If you use water soluble glue, be careful washing your stamp.  I find it's best to clean these stamps by dampening a paper towel and gently wiping off ink residue.

For more DIY stamp ideas, you can have a look at scrumdilly-do HERE, Lil Blue Boo HERE, and Babble Dabble Do HERE and HERE

And please come back Friday.  I will have more stamp-making ideas, one of which involves peg dolls (because around here, everything seems to circle back to peg dolls).  I think you will love these crafts, and this might be the perfect way to jump start gift-making for the upcoming winter holiday season.

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  1. Brillant. What a great fate idea, either as a make it yourself activity, gift packs or lucky dip prizes. Yes, that time of year again now the sun is back and it is Sprummer.


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