teeny tiny sushi

It happens to me on a regular basis.  Someone will casually say to me, "Have you ever thought of making a corn-on-the-cob doll?"  "Halloween bats?"  "Pilgrims?"  "Turkeys?!"  "A doll house and furniture for peg dolls?"  "Wouldn't that be cute?!"  My immediate response is to put my hands over my ears and shout, "NO NO NO! Why did you say that!!? I don't have time for another project right now!!!" Then I say words which are not suitable for reprint here on my blog.

Because, inevitably, the idea gets stuck in my head and I will not rest until the concept is brought to life.

And so it was, that after seeing the cakes, a friend said, "Ooh! How about sushi?"  "NO NO NO!!" I replied, "Don't say things like that to me!" Then I promptly pulled felt scraps from the cupboard because the idea was stuck in my head and I had no choice.

So, here we have peg dolls, sitting around the table, enjoying an international culinary experience. (Do you recognize these visitors from Japan? You might remember their faces from my first book.)

Thank you Caroline, Emily and Sandy, for every clever suggestion and wonderful bit of inspiration you have offered.  I retract every invective.

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