peg doll homes (and accessories)

doll house & photo :: made by joel

Over the past three years I've received many requests for tutorials (and book content) related to peg doll homes & accessories.  Feedback and requests always make me feel very happy, however, I have hesitated to create tutorials (and book content) for peg doll houses & furniture because there are already so many excellent online tutorials. I didn't feel the need to reinvent the proverbial wheel, however, I thought I'd do a round-up of some of the nicest tutorials I've spotted on the web.

And, of course, in doing research for this post, I've come up with my own ideas.  So next week, I defer to popular clamor and will offer you some simple tutorials of my own for a peg doll house (and furniture!!)  Now, on to my list of charming, clever and very fun ideas for peg doll houses & accessories.

windmill & photo :: creative learning

Might your peg dolls like to live in a windmill?  There is an excellent tutorial here at the blog Creative Learning (a few judicious cuts, and that front door will open right up so your peg dolls can march inside).

For peg dolls who aspire to live in a castle, there is a wonderful tutorial at Inna's Creations, while for peg dolls who admire classic, mid-century design, there is this Cheerio box house from Made by Joel.

The design for this well-decorated doll house at the blog Sweet Things is simple & ingenious, this cardboard doll house at the blog Ikat Bag is truly inspirational, and the colors of this box-village at the blog Se7en make my eyes happy.

If it is fairies who need a home, I highly recommend looking at the tutorials over at Daily Colours. There is this cork-covered house, and instructions for building a tree-house here.

Finally, there are these wonderful ideas at Crafty Crow. Or, if you prefer to start with a pre-fab kit, I recommend having a look at these cardboard house-building sets from Lille Huset.

fairy chairs & photo :: anna branford

Marilyn Scott Waters aka The Toymaker, came up with some well-designed peg doll furniture; all you need to do is print out the PDF's, cut and use a few drops of glue to put it together. Might I also suggest you have another look at the doll house over at Sweet Things? I love the bed, the table and the carpets, but what I really admire are the bathroom fixtures sculpted from polymer clay. Additionally, there are a lot of ideas on Pinterest for using Popsicle sticks to make doll furniture.

Now, for fairy furnishings, lovely Anna Branford has instructions for creating a very pretty table plus chairs and drinking goblets, while at Daily Colours, there are instructions for this patio set plus another furniture set fashioned from twigs.  There are also more fairy furnishing ideas here and here.

miniature kitchen & photo :: made by joel

You can find instructions for creating this tiny kitchen set at Made by Joel, while the tutorial for a fairy tea set (made from acorns!) can be found at the blog Twig & Toadstool.

egg carton boat & photo :: life at the zoo

The dolls in the photo above look so happy to be traveling by boat.  If your peg dolls would like to travel by boat, too, you can find this tutorial at the blog Life at the Zoo.  Would your peg dolls prefer to travel by submarine?  There is a very peg doll friendly tutorial for a submersible here at the blog Se7en.  Finally, for those truly adventuresome peg dolls who aspire to visit outer-space, a fine rocketship design can also be found at Se7en. (and oh, my goodness, those space aliens made from bottle-tops? too funny.)

fairy candle & photo :: daily colours

I hope you find some good ideas within the links I've posted.  Do you have any favorite links to places with ideas for peg doll accessories?  If so, please let me know in your comments below. Also, if you're interested, do come back next week for a visit to (and instructions for) my own peg doll house and furnishings.


  1. I love the egg carton boat and the wee windmill :) What great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Really cute ideas and gets the imagination going of both adults and children.


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