solstice sun catcher :: tutorial

Hello Dear Friends!  Winter Solstice is nearly upon us... Here is a quick project in time to bring a few rainbows, even during the darkest days of the year (or brightest days of summer solstice, if you are in the southern hemisphere).  I've hung my sun catchers in the window, but you could also hang them on a Christmas tree.


-- Wooden cut-out shapes such as stars or moons (I used these)
-- Beeswax polish or paint (you can make your own polish or buy some here)
-- Glass crystals (I used 3/4 inch/18 mm crystal beads from my stash)
-- Small beads (1/8 inch/3 mm)
-- Electric drill, small drill bit & workbench vise
-- Heavy weight button thread & needle
-- Ribbon
-- Scissors
-- Pencil

Step 1: Using a pencil, mark where you plan to drill in the center of one of the points of the star, and directly below, where you plan to hang your crystal.

Step 2: Secure your wood piece in a workbench vise and, using a small bit, drill holes. (safety note: to protect your fingers, always secure wood in a vise before drilling!)

Step 3: Rub your wood piece(s) with beeswax polish or paint them if you wish.

Step 4: Draw a 10 inch (25 cm) length of heavy weight button-thread through the bottom hole in your star (or other wooden shape) and tie a knot close to the wood.

Step 5: Thread a needle with both ends of your button-thread.  Run the threaded needle through the crystal and through the small bead.  Decide how long you would like the crystal pendant to hang, and adjust the height of your crystal and bead, then knot the thread above the small bead (the knot will go around the thread between the small bead and the crystal).  After you have securely knotted the thread, run your needle back up through the crystal and cut the threads from the needle just at the top of the crystal.

Step 6: Find a pretty piece of ribbon and thread it through the top hole, then hang your sun catcher in a window where it might find even a bit of sun during the darkest days of winter.  Or pack up your sun catcher and send it to a friend (note: if your initials are ES, you know you shouldn't be peeking at this post, you naughty thing!!)


  1. Beautiful! I LOVE this idea! I guess you can find glass crystals at a bead store? I just may make these.

  2. I think these beads came from the craft store (just make sure you get glass beads -- not plastic)!

  3. simple and beautiful! I'm looking for ideas for winter solstice decor....just found it! :)

    1. Hi Jean -- So glad to oblige! I made quite a few of these and kept three of them. They have been in the kitchen window for a year now and the afternoon rainbows are delightful. I hope you enjoy the ones you create as much we've been enjoying the ones here in my kitchen!


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