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Dear Friends -- Are some of you new-ish visitors to we bloom here?  If so, maybe you haven't had a chance to fully explore, so I wanted to draw your attention to a particular area of my blog.  Did you know that there is a place where you can quickly look over the various tutorials I've posted over the years? You can find them right here on my craft tutorials page (usually accessed via the menu bar beneath the photo of those gorgeous golden mirabelles).

Are you looking for some hand-made gift ideas you can quickly whip up?  This list of tutorials might help!

Speaking of tutorials, I've been working on several for you.  I realize that gift-giving season is upon us, and I am running a little late with these; however, between hosting Thanksgiving & children underfoot, things have been delayed (I'm sure you understand...)  Anyhow, please know that I'm doing my best and will have a couple of new ideas for you next week.

Also... a *give-away* on Monday! What am I giving away?  It's a book plus a few more surprises. Not one of my books, but trust me, it's utterly delightful and seriously wish-list worthy. Okay, twist my arm... do you really want to know?  Have a look here...

A final note: did you know that, even if you "Like" we bloom here and/or Making Peg Dolls on Facebook, you may not be seeing updates and messages from me in your Facebook feed?  Here's what you can do so you don't miss anything: once you’ve liked the we bloom here and/or the Making Peg Dolls page (thank you!), use the dropdown menu right under the “liked” button to select “get notifications.” This lets Facebook know, going forward, that you really do want to know when I've posted a new tutorial, give-away, and other assorted nonsense.

Another way you can hear from me is to have a look at the right-hand sidebar of this blog, and find the widget which allows you to "follow by email."  Once you've typed in your email, you will get notifications delivered directly to your inbox.

See you Monday --

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