three parcels

This afternoon, just as I was settling my little one down for an afternoon sleep, there was a very loud knock at the door.  I marched downstairs, opened the door (feeling irritated) and asked the delivery man whether he needed my signature.  No -- he said he would leave the three parcels on my doorstep.  Fine.  Thank you.  Good-bye.

After little one was settled to sleep, I went back downstairs and opened the door to discover three very large, securely wrapped parcels.  Until I carefully examined the labels I was feeling perplexed, and then... with shaking hands, I attacked one of the parcels with a pair of scissors, got it open as quickly as possible and did a little happy dance!  I wasn't expecting to receive parcels like these for at least another 3 weeks.

Look! Here's the cover...

The title page...

And the back cover!

If you would like a copy for yourself, here's the scoop: The release date for the UK is December 1st, but, for the rest of the world, release dates are still uncertain (early 2015 is the latest projection).  This might seem like bad news for anyone outside the UK, however the silver lining is this: Book Depository, UK, offers free delivery world wide.  If you would like to have a copy of my second book in December, you can pre-order here!

I hope to have more news and updates about the new book in the coming weeks, but for today, perhaps you will join me and do a little happy dance, too...


  1. Oh how exciting, it sure looks beautiful, congratulations, Margaret..

    Cheers Marie

  2. Amazing! That certainly is happy mail of the bestest kind! I can't wait to see more of your book. Keri

  3. Wow! Congrats on a job well done! (:

  4. A hearty congrats on your second book!

  5. Wow- ahead of schedule....Congratulations Margaret- I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!

  6. I have already ordered it from book depository,thanks for the link. I can't wait to have it in my hot little hands. Love,love,love your first book.

  7. Yay! Exciting! Love your first book so will be ordering this asap - I'm in the UK but 1st December still seems far away to me.... early Christmas present is a good excuse to buy though! :)

  8. Congratulations, I'm so very proud of you!

  9. i have been blog absent for far too long!! Sorry to have missed all the excitement!! Congratulations MB!! This is such great news!! xxxxx


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