a small parcel

A few weeks ago Castle in the Air celebrated it's 13th anniversary.  In honor of this anniversary some fabulous treasures were given away, and I was lucky enough to receive a small parcel containing one such treasure...


Glowan is an accordion-style book from the hand and imagination of Karima Cammell (owner of Castle in the Air and founder of Dromedary Press).


It's a gorgeous little journey, from dawn to dusk, through fairy land...

The next time you are in the SF Bay Area, I highly recommend a visit to the Castle. They offer an exquisite & expansive selection of books, craft kits, European crepe paper, Dresden trim, paper toys & theaters, etc...  If you are not planning a trip to California any time soon, there is always their online shoppe (and blog).

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  1. Castles in the Air is one of my favorite shops! So inspiring. I am planning a visit there today.


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