Picking Mirabelles

These golden plums have as pretty a name as they deserve. Mirabelles... doesn't the name suit these beauties?

Here in my neighborhood there is currently a surplus of mirabelles and yesterday we were graciously invited by a friend of a friend to come and pick to our heart's content.

With everyone scratching their heads about what to do with so many golden plums, I hit the internet for some solutions.  There are these tarts and this tart, and oh my, this tart.  There is this jam, this conserve, and if all these recipes are not enough, here is a link to a Pinterest Board featuring savory recipes created using mirabelle jam.

Now, if you will excuse me please, I have, among other things, five pounds of plums to contend with (if you'd like a few, please stop by -- I have plenty to spare!)

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