Wool Felt 'Finger Leg' Puppets

A few weeks ago I created some finger leg puppets for my wee one, and they were so much fun that I decided to have a go at making more durable versions from felt.  Viola! These new puppets were finished just in time to give him as a little gift for his 3rd birthday!

After a few minutes of searching online for ideas, I came across this pattern at Wee Folk Art.  The concept behind the pattern at Wee Folk Art is clever, uncomplicated, and was easy to adapt to my own design.  There is a downloadable pattern at Wee Folk Art plus very detailed instructions. And, just for fun here are my own step-by-step photos...

After creating my own paper pattern, I cut out two bear-shaped pieces per puppet, plus I cut a piece of just the legs (one per puppet) to form a pocket for fingers of the puppeteer.

Next, I cut faces from contrasting felt and added embroidery...

 Here you can see how the pocket was sewn at the back.

And here you can see their smiling faces!

Happy Birthday little one.  Now it's time to blow out your candle so we can go and play!


  1. These are just adorable! I love their sweet little faces and those colors!


  2. Oh my goodness are these adorable! Stopping by from the kids co-op. So cute and clever! They're going into my finger puppet board on pinterest right now!


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