A Reprieve for the Gnomes of Oakland

photo by Emily Cotler: Fairy Room

Across the bay from me, there is a city called Oakland.  About a year ago, gnomes began to take up residence.  They appeared in an assortment of places, but their primary haunts were located at the base of utility poles owned by Pacific Gas & Electric (otherwise known as PG&E.)  PG&E had called for the gnomes to be removed, saying, "We can't have anything that would compromise the integrity of our equipment."  However, due to public outcry, the gnomes have been granted clemency and will be allowed to remain.

photo by Emily Cotler: Fairy Room

It is said that the gnome population of Oakland has now climbed to 2,300 gnomes.  Their emissary and ambassador has remained anonymous (i.e. no one knows who has assisted these gnome-folk finding homes in Oakland.)

photo by Emily Cotler: Fairy Room
To learn more about the gnomes of Oakland you can read this article and this article in the San Francisco Chronicle.  You can also visit Fairy Room (where they claim no responsibility for this magical infestation.)


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