Traffic Jam: the weekend that was

Usually, about three times a year, we make a pilgrimage down to Los Angeles so that my mother-in-law can get her fair share of hugs from her two youngest grandchildren.  My mother-in-law is elderly, frail and would not otherwise ever get to see my boys (it's been 9 years since she has been able to come up and visit us.)  While we don't really like making the trip to Los Angeles, we feel these family visits are important and worthwhile...

However, over the weekend, we saw a lot of this...

And we also saw a lot of this.  It seems Los Angeles has turned into one big parking lot.

We spent the entire day yesterday sitting in the car, driving home from Southern California.  Happy Father's Day, my darling.  Thank you for your kindness, your patience and your love. Thank you for the family we have together and for getting us all home safely...


  1. that is the most adorable card i have ever seen!
    how i dread making the drive down to LA. glad you are home!
    have a great week

  2. sometimes we visit big cities with lots of traffic and it reminds me how grateful i am to live in a quasi-city!

    1. Me, too... We are just far away enough from San Francisco to have a little bit of breathing space...


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