Birthday Party: Treasure Hunt!

With four 9 year olds, one five year old and a toddler running around the house yesterday during little Mr.'s birthday party, it was difficult to grab photos, but we did our best.  Why the running around, the madness and frenzy (besides the fact that it was a birthday party and our house was full to bursting with a gaggle of boys?)  We had a treasure hunt!  I sent the troupe of children racing up to the top of the garden, down to the garage, back out to the garden, searching under the sinks, inside the washing machine, under the carpets & in the bathtub.  I thought that, by the end of it all, they'd be tired of my silly, rhymed clues, but it seems that, even once the treasure had been found, the favorite part of it all was hunting down and puzzling out the mysterious clues (some of which were chopped up in pieces and required  assembly!)  There were eleven clues in all-- below are  few examples...

You can water the garden, or water your toes. 
The next clue is hidden by the ____________.

The next clue is hidden in the garden, up high.
Just climb up the stairs ‘till you can almost reach the sky!


You walk on us because we lie on the floor.
In this house, you will find 4.
If you want the next clue, check beneath us, you must…
(Though beware, you may also find dirt and some dust!)

 And my favorite clue (for which we sadly have no photo) was: 

Swish, swish, swish,
I'm a fantastic machine!

Just add some soap and
I’ll get your clothes ___________.

 Next year, more clues... more treasure-hunting...
Hooray for birthdays! Hooray for fun!


  1. Ah! I do love a treasure hunt, such fun.
    Happy birthday young man x

  2. You are such an amazing mother. I bet everyone had a great time yesterday. (:

  3. Brilliant! I love treasure hunts, and clue kind are the best! Happy birthday to your fella! Many happies to his mama!

  4. Fantastic clues I can see why the boys loved them


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