Our Fairy Garden

Over at The Magic Onions there is a Fairy Garden Competition going on.  I am not the competitive type, but I was inspired.  I called little Mr. B. to come have a look and together we decided to step up to the plate and create a little fairy garden of our own!

Little Mr. chose a tiny dish for a fairy pool, some smooth grey stones for decoration, and green-glowing gems to serve as foot-path leading to the door of a (compostable) flower-pot house...

And he even added some bits of moss inside the flower-pot house to serve as a soft fairy-bed...

And helped with the watering...

 Does that doormat look familiar?

 The sign on the banner says, "Welcome Fairies..."

I hope they come & visit our garden soon...


  1. I've always wanted to make one of these. The Elf was never interested, though.

  2. So precious, Margaret! I want to make one, too. My girls wold love to do this!

  3. Love your fairy garden, the little flag banner is wonderful, and I love the little dish!!

  4. beauiful and magical, friend. Your blog is one of my favorites:) Glad I found you again:)

  5. so sweet! i LOVE the little garland banner... cutecutecute!

  6. Hi :-)
    So, I know I've been terribly disorganized with getting the prizes of the Fairy Garden Competition out to their rightful owners... sooooo sorry!!!
    I have lost all of the emails from the competition so please can you send me your address again... my email is vined@ymail(dot)com
    I'll get your prize out to you in the next few days.
    Congrats again,
    Blessings and magic,


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