Weekend Adventure

My mother is celebrating her 70th birthday this week. To honor my mother we road-tripped down to Oxnard (Ventura County) for an extended weekend rendez-vous with my mother, father & brother at a friend's beach house.

Here is our sleepy boy on the drive down. We stopped for lunch and he woke up in time for tacos & quesadillas...

At the beach house, Little Mr. B. went for walks with his uncle and grandfather...

And created art in the sand.

The wind also created art in the sand...

And made a mess of my car!

We all found quiet time to read...

And picked up yet more reading material at Bart's Books in Ojai (I'm not the only one in my family who loves books...)

Bart's Books is an adventure. It's an outdoor labyrinth of used books, plus more books spread through the rooms of a lovely old house. Here you can see the selection of cookbooks displayed where else but in the kitchen. Ah, my perfect kitchen... books in the sink, spread across the cutting boards and tucked into every cupboard, drawer & shelf... (my only problem, if this were my house, would be... where would I keep my collection of fluted tart pans?)

A wonderful weekend with my wonderful mother... Happy Birthday!


  1. Give your mom this msg from me: Happy Belated Birthday SM! It looks like you celebrated in a lovely way!

  2. It was a relaxing weekend, indeed... I'll forward your message to my mom! How are things with you guys? xoxox


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