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A few weeks ago I discovered an amazing website. Maybe you've already seen it, but if you haven't, I highly recommend you hop on over and take a peek. The website is called The Toymaker and it's the online home of Marilyn Scott-Waters. She posts an enticing array of toys you can print out & easily assemble. There are also stories to read, greeting & holiday cards to print, etc... I love downloading free things from the internet (and Marilyn generously offers so much on her website for free) but I have also bought multiple copies of her book. It will be a perfect gift for all those summer birthdays coming up (or maybe for holiday gifts...)

This is our favorite toy so far...

These mice have large marbles inserted underneath which make them skitter and glide across the floor.

This toy is called a "Thaumatrope" or "turning wonder." On one side there is a drawing of a courtly gentleman, hand extended. On the other side, a lady offers a delicate curtsy. When the thaumatrope spins quickly it looks like the gentleman is holding the hand of the lady as she curtsies. There are 5 more thaumatropes in the book (& on the website,) each one more charming than the last!
We also had fun with this little wind-boat (note: our printer only prints black & white, but you can download it from the website in color.)

This afternoon, perhaps we'll build a Tooth Fairy Gazebo, a dream theater, a window to fairyland or Florimel the Magnificent's Puppet Theater. Thank you, Marilyn, for the magic and the fun!

Update from Marilyn: Her book The Toymaker is now out of print, however, she will have a book of holiday paper-toys available towards the end of the year and another book out in 2011 with *new* toys.

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