... and speaking of skipping ropes

Andy Spandy Sugardy Candy
French Almond Rock!
Bread and Butter for your Supper's
All Your Mother's GOT!

My son & I have been skipping rope and you can read about how we made our own skipping ropes HERE. Our new favorite book is Elsie Piddock Skips in her Sleep by Eleanor Farjeon, because what could be more delightful than a story about a little girl who skips rope with the fairies? We love the rhyme Elsie Piddock sings about Andy Spandy -- did you know that Andy Spandy is the Fairy Skipping-Master? Plus, in the story, there is another special skipping song taught to Elsie by the fairies...

And then a few weeks ago I came across another magical book about skipping rope... The Fox Wish by Kimiko Aman.

What were your favorite skipping rope rhymes as a child?  I'd love to know about them in any comments you'd care to leave below!

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  1. Oh, I will need to have that book for my Elsie. And we'll make cutest jump ropes with peg doll handles. Delightful.


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