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Today you can find me collaborating on a post with Danielle Davis over at her blog This Picture Book Life.

On her blog, Danielle pairs picture books with crafts; and with the approach of Valentine's Day, we decided to feature The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas.  While The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles is not specifically a Valentine-themed book, per se, the message it brings is one of appreciation & acceptance (on any given day, Valentine's or not, everyone could use some of that).

And while you are visiting Danielle at This Picture Book Life, I highly recommend having a look around... the books & crafts she features are particularly delightful.  Also, do keep your eyes open this fall; Danielle's middle-grade novel titled Zinnia and the Bees is slated for release!

Click here, and I'll see you over at This Picture Book Life!


  1. Looks like a wonderful story and the necklace is so cute.

  2. Thank you to discover us this beautiful book. Poetry is always welcome. A great compliment for your son because it's a perfect present. In France, St Valentin is only for lovers and it's a shame. Have a nice day with pearls and glitter all around you.


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