summer nostalgia

I wasn't sure what to title this post.  Is it possible to be nostalgic for something which only ended last week?  Is it possible to be nostalgic for a time of year I don't really like? (Nostalgic about fall & winter? Yes. Summer? No.)  Still, when I ran across these photos from the very first day of summer vacation, despite my usual aversion to anything involving hot weather & sunscreen, I felt nostalgic.  How can a person not feel nostalgic about a jingling, jangling carousel circled by a rainbow of horses?  My little son rode three times that day and it was a good way to start summer, indeed.

But last week we said, "Good bye summer.  Hello fall." (Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, in which case you said "Hello spring.")  I've been busy at the farmer's market buying as many apples & quince as I can possibly carry, and I'll be back soon to tell you about it. xo


  1. Beautiful carousel. Beautiful day with friends. Isn't it great when there's no line and you can get back on and go round and round again?

    1. Yes to a beautiful day with friends, and yes to going round & round again!


  2. These carousel pictures capture everything wonderful about summer, and make me, too, feel nostalgic for it! Here's to the bright, happy boy and candy colors, and looking forward to the mellower tones and feelings that come with fall.


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