a landmark day

 Yesterday was a landmark day...

  My kindergartner learned to ride his bicycle without training wheels!

And just because he's adorable, here's a photo of my big son up a tree. (Did you know that boys grow on trees? Mine do.)  I don't get many photos of him these days; he's busy tromping around with his group of lanky friends who, in the fashion of Hansel and Gretel, rummage around my kitchen and then leave trails of crumbs behind them, as though they might need guidance finding their way back to the food cupboards for more snacks (and in sisyphean fashion, I follow after them, thrusting brooms and dustpans into their enormous, grubby hands, while enduring their bewildered looks with good humor).

And don't forget -- tomorrow is the final day to add your name to the give-away for this charming book.  Details can be found HERE.


  1. Congratulations to your Young boy !!!! It's a nice day : he's big now. And I like his dinosaur horn !!!!
    Have a good week for your.

  2. Ahh independence: the golden years are finally over. You relinquish your freedom when they begin to crawl, again when they walk, and now the natural progression to wheels (2). At least it will be another 11-13 years to the next set of wheels (4). Well done wee Bloom. Lovely shot of Mr 13yo Bloom. Huon shuns photos and periodically eats when the mood takes him. If only he would eat more at the right time.


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