spreading kindness :: the rainbow rock project

photo credit :: the rainbow rock project

Alia, the 7 year old daughter of Agnes Hsu (of the craft blog hello, Wonderful) recently undertook an ambitious and heartfelt venture titled The Rainbow Rock Project.

photo credit :: the rainbow rock project

In her own words, these are Alia's goals for the project:

My mission is to spread kindness and make people smile. I want to do that by selling my rainbow rocks for $1 each and donating all proceeds to a cause I believe in. When we are driving around, I sometimes see homelesss people on the street. I always ask my mom or dad to stop and give them money. I feel bad that there are so many homeless people out in the cold without food or a warm bed.

For each rock I sell, I will place it out in the "universe" for someone to find and bring a smile to their face! I leave them in places we visit - on the beach, park benches, on hiking trails, even the Golden Gate Bridge!

My goal is to sell 500 rocks in 2016 and donate ALL proceeds to my local homeless shelter, Bay Area Rescue Mission.

Each rock has a bright rainbow I paint myself and is sealed so the rain won't wash away the rainbow! On the back is a quote I came up with myself: "Here's a rock from me to you that grants wishes and happiness too!"

photo credit :: the rainbow rock project

If you would like to find out more about Alia's project or make a donation, you can visit her website HERE.

photo credit :: the rainbow rock project


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