pilgrim & native american peg dolls :: a re-post

It was fun last year, so let's do it again!

 -- Peg Dolls (click here for a list of shops where
     peg dolls may be purchased)

-- Brown, black, white, yellow & blue wool
    felt scraps (note: paper may be used for
    embellishments when working with children
    as paper will be easier to cut)

-- A tiny bit of brown wool roving or yarn
    (for beard)

-- A small amount of black wool yarn for

-- Watercolors plus black acrylic paint

-- Beeswax polish (optional)

-- PVA or other non-toxic white craft glue

 -- Paint brushes

-- Scissors

-- Pencil

STEP 1: Paint clothes -- I used black acrylic paint for the pilgrim clothing & brown watercolor paint for the Native American clothing.


  STEP 2: Paint hair.

STEP 3: Paint faces (or draw with pencil).  Use beeswax polish to brighten the paint of watercolored areas (optional).

STEP 4: For Native Americans, create headbands from tiny strips of wool felt.  Braided hair may be glued across the head and anchored beneath the headband.

Use tiny strips of white felt to create hat, shawl, apron and collar for Pilgrims. I added a needle felted beard to the man -- a bit of yarn or felt would work as well for creating a beard. (note: paper may be used for embellishments when working with children as the paper will be easier to cut)

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