tutorial :: a heart welcome-mat

Hello!  Today I thought I'd draw your attention to one of my favorite tutorials from several years back.  Every time I cross the threshold of my house, I am reminded of how much I enjoyed making this super-easy doormat.  However, the doormat I made 4 years ago was looking tired, so a few weeks ago I made a new one, and this time, instead of being strapped into a baby swing, my little guy was able to lend a hand. You can find the tutorial HERE.  If you try this project, let me know how it turns out (wouldn't it make a nice housewarming gift?)

What's currently by your front door to welcome family & friends?

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  1. Finally put a pot of pansies on the front steps. We have been successful keeping the chickens fenced out of the yard the past couple weeks (knock on wood) so they should survive! But I think I need one of these too. Although I would hate to see how muddy it would get.


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