remedial eating & making peg dolls

photo by molly hays :: remedial eating

Today I am grateful to have Molly Hays of the blog Remedial Eating posting about my new book Making Peg Dolls & More. (She was originally going to post during the blog tour, but delayed due to a bout with the flu. So glad you are well now dear Molly!)  To visit Molly's blog post you can click here.

photo by molly hays :: remedial eating

The first thing you are likely to notice about Molly's blog is the photography.  I could not replicate it here within the templates of my blog, but Molly has a way of pairing photos so that her images play off each other in color, texture and content.  Go look -- you'll see what I mean!!

photo by molly hays :: remedial eating

The next thing you will notice is Molly's writing; she has knack for elegant turn of phase, wandering off on tangents down the scenic by-ways of conversation, and then steering things back again, so that by the end of the blog post, you feel like you've had a good chat over a cup of coffee. Then it's time to wave good-bye with happy words of "See you next time!" and a scrap of paper clutched in hand scribbled with titles of a few new books to read and a list of ingredients to pick up on the way home for a recipe she mentioned.

photo by molly hays :: remedial eating

And the recipes she mentions?  They're great.  I was completely obsessed with this salad over the summer and am obsessed by this Basque Pie pretty much all the time.  Through Molly's influence I now candy orange peel on a regular basis for making granola and other baking purposes (panforte, anyone?).  Molly tends to go heavy on recipes for baked goods, and this is a bonus (no complaints from this quadrant).

photo by molly hays :: remedial eating

Thank you, Molly, for posting today about my book!

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photo by molly hays :: remedial eating

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