tutorial :: peg dolls & washi tape

A few days ago, I was emailing with a lovely librarian named Nora in Berkeley, CA, and she asked whether I had ever used washi tape to decorate peg dolls. I admitted to having purchased three pretty rolls several years ago and leaving them jumbled in a box with other paper-crafting items since then. I suppose I could have checked Pinterest for a few ideas, but generally have not found the concept of washi tape inspiring. However, Nora's question got me thinking. So I pulled out the rolls of tape, pulled out a few peg dolls, and here's what I came up with.

Peg dolls
Paint brushes
Washi tape
Felt and embroidery floss (optional)

STEP 1 :: Paint the upper half of your peg dolls (you can measure how far down to paint by putting a piece of washi tape on your dolls and marking with a pencil).

STEP 2 :: Add washi tape around the bottoms of your dolls.  Use a scissor to cut lengths of tape so the edges are neat.

STEP 3 :: Paint faces, hair, or add silly hats if you prefer.


  1. Oh my word, these are cute!

  2. very cute and easy to do. thanks for another great idea!

  3. Oh my, wouldn't little ones love being able to change their peg dolls wardrobe- a whole new world. You new book is traveling to me as we speak and Salley's is on order. Good times!

  4. How fun! I've been wondering what brand of watercolors is that in your photo? And do you have a preferred brand?

  5. Simply darling. I think it'd be a hit as a party craft!

  6. These little guys look like they're heading to a birthday party!

  7. Any chance of telling us how to make the 'silly hat? It's wonderful!

    1. Hi Janice -- You can find patterns and instructions for making pointy little gnome hats in either of my books.


  8. If you have hat instructions could you let me know? farmhalf@gmail.com. thank you. p.s. washi tape is fun stuff.

  9. Love your peg doll tutorial! Love how you incorporate washi tape! Simply adorable! thanks for sharing! This tutorial was featured here: http://www.plushiepatterns.com/peg-dolls-washi-tape/

  10. Really adorable, thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!


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